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Led Strip Grow Light Is Being A Trender In Plant And Gardening Development

By: DeRun   Views:7098   Date: 07/08-2015

Nowdays, led grow light is more and more popular in plant and  gardening. So let’s learn something about the led grow light

1.what is the  led  grow light?

LED Grow Light is a kind of a plant lamp it LED (light emitting diode) as a light source, in accordance with the growth pattern of the plant must require sunlight, with light instead of sunlight to plant growth and development of a lighting environment.

2. what’s the feacture of led grow light?

wavelength type rich, coinciding with the plant light synthesis and spectral range Photomorphogenesis agreement; half-width of the spectral width can be obtained with pure monochromatic light spectrum as required complex composition; can focus light evenly irradiated with a specific wavelength crops; not only can regulate flowering and seed crops, but also to control plant height and plant nutrients; less heat systems, small footprint, can be used for three-dimensional multi-layer planting combination system to achieve the low heat load and production space miniaturization.

LED Grow Light, will help shorten the growth cycle of a plant, because this light source is mainly composed by red and blue light, the most sensitive plant light wavelength, red wavelength using  640-660nm, blue wavelengths use 450-460nm and 460-470nm. These sources are to make plants produce optimal photosynthesis, plants grow best in the state.

Now our company can use 430NM, 450NM, 660NM led to make led strip grow light . we use smd 2835 to make it .2835 led is three times the 3528 lamp bead brightness, but with competitive price.

It will be 120leds per meter , 12v and 24v is available, but 24v will be better ,because the led grow light not only need special wavelength, but need to light intensity, 24 v is better than 12 v for plant lights. so if you are looking for a led grow strip light , please feel free to send us inquiry 🙂

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