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LED Strip Light Decoration- Amazing LED(2)

By: DeRun   Views:5178   Date: 08/11-2015

Yesterday , we are talking about the example of Amazing led: LED beauty.

Today , let’s continune to talk about the next example: led strip lighr decoration :


When festival coming , no matter in western country or in China , pepole would like to use lights to decorate house and celebrate the festival . It will be out for you to choose the traditional light color change lights. Now there are many China led strip light suppliers who supply UL listed led strip , rgb led strip light , Which use  the 3528 5050 nonwaterproof rgb led strip for indoor decorate , and use the 3528 5050 waterproof ip67 led strip and waterproof ip68 led strip for outdoor decorate , hung the 12v or 12v led strip on the tree, it is safe and easy to install.

The Flexible led strip light is portable, and energy saving , they also have many colors for choice: such as red , blue , green , yellow ,also have have pink color led strip and orange color led strip . but the most popular color would be the RGB Led strip . People can use the remote controller to make the strip led change colors or realize many flashing change effects .

The convenient for use this kind of led product, it is because it is a cuttable led strip , it is 5 meter one roll , but you can cut them by evey 3 leds ,you can acorrding to the size you need , then cut for use.

Decorating use led strip will make the festival more happy and warm .

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