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The Correct Potion To Shear The Led Ribbon Light

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There are many people want customized their led strip light to suit the project, if so, you need to know how to shear the led ribbon light. In general, each group is to do a shear position.But some customers will require a single LED a shear position, that is unreasonable. Because that would tantamount to a parallel circuit, for the service life of LED lamp belt isn’t guarantee.



*”Special attention”:

A. if not article 220 v lights, please do not directly use AC220V lit the lamp;

B. noted that the positive pole not connect the negative pole.

C. workers must wear electrostatic ring to work.


The last is the controller connection mode. LED with entertaining diversions and RGB lights need to use the controller to achieve change effect, and each of the controller control distance. In general, a simple controller control distance for 10 to 15 meters, remote controller to control distance of 15 to 20 meters, the longest can control to 30 meters distance.If the LED with the connection of the distance is longer, the controller can’t control so long lamp tape, you will need to use power amplifier for tapping.


In the actual operation process must pay attention to the LED lamp with a connection to the distance.Generally speaking, the 3528 series of LED lights, its connection distance up to 20 meters, 5050 series of LED lights, connection longest distance of 15 meters.If beyond this connection distance, LED lights belt is easy to heat, in use process will affect the service life of LED lamp belt.So, to install, must be in accordance with the requirements of the factory for installation, avoid by all means make leds with overload running.