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The Difference Between 110-240V LED Strip Light And 12V /24V LED Strip Lights

By: DeRun   Views:8582   Date: 05/10-2018

High voltage led strip light, also known as AC lights, low voltage led strip lights with LED lights, also known as the DC, then what is the difference ,advantages and disadvantages between two ? Following analysis of the differences between the two:

High voltage 110-240v  led strip light, the main material PCB board and transparent plastic material injection molding process from tape. After the strip has two sides forming the wire. Light in the middle of the tape, high-voltage LED lights with good texture of its rubber molding high brightness. The quality of high-pressure lamp with its neat appearance open net transparent impurities, while the poor if its appearance with a pale yellow. Especially good special soft softness. high voltage 110-240v  led strip light main characteristic is his length can be full light at 50 meters or 100 meters.


110v -240v led strip light

Low-voltage 12v /24v LED strip lights, 12v /24v LED strip lights and high voltage 110-240v  led strip light  from the appearance with completely different, it does not double the wire, due to its low-pressure lines directly attached to the PCB circuit board. Low-voltage LED lights with main characteristic is safe and reliable. The biggest drawback is that he can do only up 5 m. The longest was to about 10 meters. Of course, then you can re-grow in parallel. Low-voltage LED lamp with a non-waterproof (IP20) Epoxy dust (IP65) casing anti-rain (IP67) Glue the whole drainage tube (IP68) and other technology.

5050 72W 12V 300 Diodes 16.4ft Roll IP65 Silicon Glue Waterproof Led Strip Light

12v /24v led strip light

Installation: High Voltage LED light strip installation is relatively simple, you can use high-pressure direct drive to drive, you can configure general factory direct, connected to 220V power supply can work properly. The installation of low-voltage LED lights with flexible DC power supply to be installed in front of the lights, relatively speaking relatively complex during installation.

Safety: voltage LED lights with high pressure using 220V, belonging to dangerous voltage, there are security risks in some of the risks occasions; low voltage LED light strips are a work in 12V DC operating voltage, are safe voltage, can be used in various occasions , there is no danger to persons.

Price: If you look at a single brings, LED lights with the price almost, but from the overall cost to measure not the same, because the high-voltage LED lights with high-voltage power distribution is generally a two lamp power can take from 30 to 50 meters LED flexible strips, and, relatively speaking, high voltage relatively low cost. The low-voltage LED lights to be outside with a DC power supply, power is generally one meter lights with 60 bead 5050 is approximately 11 ~ 14W, which means that each meter should be equipped with lights around 15W DC power, so low voltage LED lights with construction cost will increase a lot, much higher than the high-voltage LED lights. Therefore, from the overall cost point of view, high voltage and low voltage LED lamp LED lamp prices higher price.

So customers can be a reasonable choice of high pressure or low pressure light bar according to their different environments.

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