DeRun Lighting Used in Gymnasium
Are you addicted to your smartphone? Do you compulsively check your email daily? Do you scroll through your newsfeed every spare second you get? How do you think this might be impacting your stres…View More
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UV led strip light for printer
Good Monday . It is Linda to share Derun news to you . Recently , there are some clients require about UV black light led strip light from us. One of our clients from Bangladesh who want to buy th…View More
Update: 2016-03-21 18:47:41 | Views:7508
The Max Length of LED Strip 12V/24V We Can Make
Recently , we received many requiry about making 100meter one roll or 50meter one roll 12v led strip light , many clients feel confused about the length of 12v led strip light and 220v led strip ligh…View More
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Beautiful led dress
Welcome to Derun led news show time . Today is Monday , is everybody has a good weekend ? I think someone of you maybe go hiking, shopping , fly a kite . However, the weather in shenzhen is terrib…View More
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The correct potion to shear the led ribbon light
There are many people want customized their led strip light to suit the project, if so, you need to know how to shear the led ribbon light. In general, each group is to do a shear position.But some c…View More
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Amber color led strip and 2400k led strip
Few monthes ago, i received a feedback from one of my client , who from Spain. He bought led strip light from us . the order he placed was amber color led strip light, which also call orange color le…View More
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The Circuit Design of LED Strip Light
As we all know, led strip light are widely used in our life, do you know the circuit of led strip light? Let's become the great family engineer. You could DIY the led strip light to decorate to your …View More
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Talk something about the led strip ageing test
Have a good monday everyone, today , let's talk something about the led strip light ageing test. As we all know , the least but most important job is ageing test before the led strip packing to sh…View More
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The Colorful Life come from LED Light
I was run in the park last night, and found a shopping mall. so I came in to it. The labber are decorated in 2835 warm white neno light, it Increase layered, make the warm And then , I saw the…View More
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Bluetooth controller  (android version)
Hello everyone , today , i would like to talk something about bluetooth controller again.   But this time the controller is not difference with the last one. it is for android version. as …View More
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LED Light Decorating the Shenzhen North Station
Spring has come, everything reawakens. I have a trip come with my friend in last weekend. We fly a kite and run in the sun, it feel relax and comfortable. And we were walk in Shenzhen North Station, …View More
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Bluetooth rgbw led controller
Recently , we have a wonderful led controller on big sale . It is bluetooth rgbw led controller .this controller is very popular in Unite Stated market .It adopts the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology,…View More
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