How to cut off and solder wire with IP68 led strip light
As the temperature keeps stable in northern hemisphere, especially the countries where is closed to the north. It happens that the closer to the north , the colder it is . so it is never unusual to w…View More
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Upgrade of our website
Everything need to be updated when they are progressed to some level, the same to our website. Derun , established in 2011 ,is a professional manufacture of led products in range of best selling pro…View More
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How to protect led strip light in winter
it is the coldest day yesterday, or it would be truth by saying"freezing”—1-3 degree centigrade.   Snowflake or we called Frost can be seen once in a while in such a cold day. And people a…View More
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The main function of led strip light
Last weekend, I had an appointment with one of my old friend, who i hasn’t seen for a long time since I went to college. As we both come to the same city for work after graduation, we often hang out …View More
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LED strip grow light
I received a customer who is from Canada and coming all the way to our factory. I was thinking that he speaks English, while he speak good French , which is out of my expectation. I met the customer …View More
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Energy saving product—led strip light
Self-balancing personal vehicle is the most popular product in 2015, which is known to us all .but after several explosive accidences caused during transportation due to the high capacity battery, th…View More
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The L corner connector with led strip light
One of my customer from American told me that he had a problem when installing the led strip light . that is when he connected the them using the L corner connector, the strip showed only one single …View More
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Led strip light with high brightness
CNY enters into countdown. Our holiday is from February 1st.2016 to February 15th .2016. Lunar New Year is the biggest and the most important festival in China, there is always a period of time durin…View More
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Difference between 12v and 24v led strip light
Those who are in the field of led product may have idea about one of the difference between 12v and 24v. that is the cut interval. For 12v led strip light, it is 3leds cuttable. For 24v led strip l…View More
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LED Standard terminology–Color Temperature
Hello everyone~ Here is Sarah share time. Today, I'd like to share LED Standard Terminology 2--Color Temperature. Kelvin Color Temperature: Noun, Plural- Kelvin Color Temperatures, Abbreviation…View More
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WS2811 IC addressable led strip light
Many customers are interested in our IC strip light .but they have no idea how to use it correctly. So today i shoot a video to show how to use it . It is very easy to connect led strip with the dri…View More
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Trends :Credit Insurance Order On Alibaba
here is one new rule made by Alibaba. That is the credit insurance order, which will influence the ranking of the supplier on matter what product they provide. The present trends suggests that…View More
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