News: Derun led strip light price will update
Hello everyone , Today is Linda to show Derun news to you . We just back from Chinese New year holiday , and yesterday , it was  Chinese Lantern Festival, i think the customer who in China can fee…View More
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Happy Lantern Festival–The First Full Moon
Hello, everyone~See you again! We are back from our Chinese New Year holiday 15th Feb. The Spring Festival has met its end, while another Chinese festival, the Lantern Festival, comes as appointed. T…View More
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Derun Website Updated: LED Videos
Welcome to Derun news showtime ,I am Linda . Today it is the final working day , and tomorrow i will have holiday for Chinese New year . Hope everyone have a happy new year . In previous 2 arti…View More
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Derun Website Updated: LED Manuals
It is Linda again . there are only 2 days before having holiday , so today , i am go on to talk something about our website updates . Yesterday , we are talking about that part of Clients' project. S…View More
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Derun Website updated: client project
Hello , welcome to share Derun news on monday , This is Linda . As all of us know, the Chinese new year is coming soon ,and we will have holiday from 4Th Feb.So before we have holiday , we make mo…View More
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Happy New Year In China
Hello, everyone, this is Sarah,  a lovely girl from DeRun Lighting. Maybe many people know we will have chinese new year holiday~ So I will go back to my hometown tomorrow. I'm very look forward my d…View More
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High Voltage led strip light with 3 years warranty
We all know that we need to keep children away from high voltage led strip light when we install it. as it is kind of dangerous at high voltage. The high volt led strip light has much more advantage …View More
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Wholesale factory high brightness led strip light with 3 years warranty
There are two popular sale platforms on Internet. One is B2B(business to business) wholesale website ,such as Alibaba, Made-in China, Global Resource. Another one is B2C(business to customer) retail …View More
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How to cut off and solder wire with IP68 led strip light
As the temperature keeps stable in northern hemisphere, especially the countries where is closed to the north. It happens that the closer to the north , the colder it is . so it is never unusual to w…View More
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Upgrade of our website
Everything need to be updated when they are progressed to some level, the same to our website. Derun , established in 2011 ,is a professional manufacture of led products in range of best selling pro…View More
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