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LED Light Decorating The Shenzhen North Station

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Spring has come, everything reawakens. I have a trip come with my friend in last weekend. We fly a kite and run in the sun, it feel relax and comfortable. And we were walk in Shenzhen North Station, the led light decorating the station, it looks very beautiful.


This the shenzhen north satation plaza, it use the led white string light wrapped around the tree, it looked very lovely in the night. When night comes, you could come in this palce to find some surprise in your life.


The colorful stairs used the 5050 RGB led strip light under the ladder, different ladder have different color. So you could see the rainbow stairs.  Is that look beautiful? Maybe you could come in shenzhen, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery.


And also, the light could hanging from a branch, to decorating the without the leaves of the tree, it make the tree more attractive in the night.


Puttig the warm white led strip copper light in the purple small flowers, it looks a peaceful picture.


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