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Led Strip Light Make Your Weeding Romantic

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Many people would like to held weeding by the end of 2015 or in the coming of  Christmas.

What should be perpare for the weeding , I think there must has flowers, flower door,red carpet, stage,curtain, photoes of couples, back grounp , Music , and lighting . i think the lighting is very important for a weeding .

Warm white lighting will  make Weeding warm and sweet.


weeding 3


Purple color lighting will make weeding atmosphere mystical,

weeding 2


Pink lighting will make weeding looks lovely and happy

weeding 1

Blue lighting will make weeding romatic and fantasy.



For the weeding light , we also can use led strip light to decoration weeding. we can offer you pink color led strip light , blue color led strip light, warm white led strip light ,  purple color led strip light, if you helding the weeding indoor , we can offer you nonwaterproof  led strip ; for outdoor weeding , we also can offer you waterproof led strip , both 12v /24V and 110v 220v led strip are available.

If you want the weeding lightings change color come with the weeding music, there is no problem , we can offer you the rgb led strip light with muisc controller , it will change color or flash or shade by the music, is that fantasy ?

If you are prepare to heading a weeding , and think about how to decorating , why not have a try the led strip light firstly ?