Preface: knowledge of automobile chassis lamp includes installation of the course of development of the automobile chassis lamp, automobile chassis lamp product range and choice, the automobile chassis lamp pros and cons and the vehicle chassis lights

Seen the movie “Fast and Furious” and “Initial D” friends, must be equipped with a light chassis cool street car attracted! Which also boost the trend of recent years, car shape modified – modified car decoration lights! Car equipped with the vehicle chassis lights, pedestrians are all eyebrows – dazzle, cool, stylish enough! Next, about the things on the car chassis light.

First, the development of the automobile chassis lamp: the end of 2002, the domestic streets of the city almost also rarely seen a vehicle equipped with a light chassis, that time can be found on the network chassis neon set of four installed about 1400-1800RMB , is simply astronomical. With the wide application of automotive led lights, domestic manufacturers are very positive about the car decoration market, launched a wide variety of types of chassis lights, decorative effect and safety have increased a lot.

, Car chassis lamp products: the early chassis lights almost used neon jacket plexiglass tube waterproof and minor gravel impact, with transformer screwed to the vehicle’s chassis. With the development of technology led, car led light chassis many types of products, and easy to install. More popular chassis lights led light bar led lamp with rigid strip light products, including waterproof light, the Great Wall light bar, led Flexible Strip Light and a variety of styles.

Third, the pros and cons of the car chassis light products: the early automobile chassis lamp neon there are many inadequacies, like mound bump is encountered, the fragile lamp inside the organic glass fractured. Neon need high voltage drive transformer requirements, bulky, unsafe neon common problem. Although it has a technical update, also had to shorten the drive neon tube as a compromise. And now also more common vehicle chassis lights – led car decoration light bar there are a lot of advantages to make up for the inadequacies of the early automobile chassis lamp. led car chassis light strip safety, environmental protection, energy saving, pure color and installation is simple and convenient and better, and most LED chassis lights led waterproof light, regardless of wind and rain, your car dazzle enough Cool enough fashion.

Car chassis light installation:

Early chassis lights require installation screws to fix, very inconvenient. Current car led basic chassis decorative light strip with 3M tape, simply paste in the bottom of the vehicle where it is needed, such as the wheel can also be installed light bar. If necessary, use a stronger adhesive, covered with glue strip light led chassis lights will not affect the normal work and glow.

Choice of car chassis light: LED chassis lights on the market 0.3M to 5M ranging led light bar with lights, in general, the chassis light bar product selection, led light material , manufacturers, glow and waterproof performance is good or bad decision chassis lights. In the choice of chassis lights, you can start from the above aspects In addition, the length, the led light chassis according to their needs freely cut into different lengths.

This chassis lights installed in the chassis of the car, at night, the car can be issued very eye-catching effect. LED light chassis like to make your car cool even more dazzling higher retention rates owners will love a product. LED chassis lights is a new automotive lighting products. Set of safety, practicality, decorative as a whole, at night, fog, rain and poor visibility on the road can be very good for pedestrians or other vehicles exercise your car or the location identifier parking, can reduce the potential causes of accidents, there is a very good decorative effect, make your car even more dazzling cooler and more stylish.