What is difference for flexible led strip light and led rigid strip? From the literal meaning, we can know the flexible led strip light is solf and flexible , while the led rigid strip is hard .


The flexible use the FPC as circuit board, then use smd led chip to assemble, It is very thin about 1mm , so it can save many space.It can curve in any angle, with excellent bend-resistance. For this flexible led strip light , we can make 3528 led strip light , 5050 led strip light with 30leds/m , 60leds/m and 120leds/m.Also it has ip20 nonwaterproof led strip light , waterproof ip65 ip67 and ip68 flexible led strip. Since its high resistance , so it can apply to different shapes of Advertising Decoration.

4431469 orig - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

The led rigid strip light use the hard PCB as circuit board , then use smd led chip tp assemble .The advantage for led rigid strip light is it can easy to fasten , good for install . While it can’t curve , can’t fit the irregularity place to install , which is the dis-advantage for led rigid strip . the led rigid strip light also have 30leds/m , 60leds/m and 72leds/m , whcih with ip20 nonwaterproof , ip65 waterproof , and ip67 waterproof but with pc cover.

LED Rigid Light Bar DR F5050W60AL - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

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