Exported to the North American market certification UL, ETL, FCC and the ENERGY STAR (Energy Star) and several LED road lighting products UL certified reference UL8750 or UL60950, UL1598 standards, EMC characteristics test fixtures, ETL certification test reference is completely the same as the UL standard.

FCC certified reference FCC Part 15 B, Class Adigitaldevice the test limit standard does not test the safety characteristics of the lamps; ENERGY STAT (ENERGY STAR) for residential and commercial lighting, LED lamps photoelectric performance requirements, LED road lighting temporary not on the list; here introduces the more common UL and FCC certification for presentation and analysis: total compulsory certification of U.S. laws and regulations for electronic products include Title1 Title50, which Title47 teletext products, a total of Part0 to Part499 part, of which Part0 to Part199 FCC. FCC certification is divided into Verification (self-certification), Declaration of Conformity (Notice declared) and Certification (certification) three modes using Verification, there is no laboratory test to any request, can not test (to ensure that the products meet the corresponding technical requirements) and does not need to provide information to the FCC; adopted the Declaration of Conformity, testing laboratories need to obtain NVLAP and A2LA qualification or the FCC to develop certified laboratory, and the need for multilateral mutual recognition agreements, but do not need to provide information to FCC; using Certification, testing laboratories need to be registered in the FCC website, the FCC officially recognized, FCC or FCC the TCB institutions specified certification, and the need to provide information to the FCC, can get a FCCID. What authentication methods, depending on the type of product, LED lighting products FCC testing standards FCCPart15B authentication type: Verification.

FCC is a United States federal law on the Teletext products radio disturbance (EMI) feature limits mandatory certification, FCC certification testing of the LED lamps in the European Union CE EMC certification test is quite different, mainly as follows:

1. LED lamps FCC certification test only EMI (Radio harassment), does not bear the EMS (radio interference) test items; in the CE electromagnetic compatibility test two certification tests;

2.FCC certification of LED lighting into LED lamps used in the ClassA (industrial, commercial environment) and ClassB (LED lamps in the residential environment) into two categories, two types of test limits completely different radio CE certification harassment test limit is only one standard, limit the size of the FCC ClassB considerable;

3.The LED lamps FCC certification conduction disturbance scan test frequency from 0.15MHz to 30MHz end, the CE certification conducted disturbances scan test frequency from 9KHz to 30MH end;

4 .LED lamps FCC certification space radiation harassment scan test frequency from 30MHz to 1GHz end, CE certification in the space radiation harassment scan test frequencies from 30KHz to 300MH end;

5.FCC certification requirements more stringent EMI certification test limits the standard usually require more than 6dB margin, CE certified EMI test margin (3dB or more can read point margin);