I think many people will met a problem , that is the led strip light led die. Means that the led strip light can’t light up and doesn’t work.This problem usually happen on 5050 led strip light . now let’s analyze the 3 reasons why the led strip would die and what solution for that .

1. High Temperature damage.

The led strip light heat-resistant is not very good , So if not control well the  soldering temperature and soldering time during the process of production , the led chip will damage because of the ultra-temperature.

So we must strict control the reflow soldering and soldering iron temperature.Make specialist management.Soldering pen installed temperature control, which can prevent the solder iron temperature to burn out the LED chip.

2. Electrostatic burn out.

LED is a kind of static-sensitive device. If not do well in electrostatic protection, it also will burn out the led chip, so we must enhance electrostatic protection .the workers must wear anti-static glove,all productionTools and equipment must be grounded lead.

3.Moisture Burst in the high temperature

led encapsulation will get wet if expose in the air for a long time . so if not make dehumidification before use , when the led strip on reflow soldering, it will because its high temperature lead to the moisture heating expansion, then burst , which cause the led chip damage by the high temperature.

Solution : led chip must storage in the environment that constant temperature and humidity, the not used up led chip must place into the  80 ° of oven bake for 6 ~ 8 hours in the dehumidification process before you use them.In this way , can ensure the use of leds would not moisture.

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