here is one new rule made by Alibaba. That is the credit insurance order, which will influence the ranking of the supplier on matter what product they provide.

The present trends suggests that the credit insurance order is becoming more and more important. On one hand, this agreement is to help guarantee the right of the buyer, which is good for the buyer. Because the customers have right to request the whole refund if the suppliers fail to delivery goods in the due time in the contact. On the other hand , the buyer can modify the details on the agreement before making the payment once they got some problems the agreement.

More credit insurance order , better ranking on the website. I think this is a good way to encourage the supplier to practice this rule to help more customers. I believe all the industry will be in more and more standard and legal management.

Our led strip light have a better and better foreign market due to high quality and competitive price, so we also wanna make our selling channel more and more standard. As i firmly believe that only when we had the right of our customers guaranteed can we gain the full trust from our customer and have good and long-term business relationship.