2 weeks ago , there was a accident happen in shenzhen Guangming New District, The landslide cause many people in dangrous. Because there located many industries , so when the accident happened , the building was destory , some people also lost in the accident ,  it cause a very big lost in this accident.

Peoples from shenzhen other districts and from many other difference citys , provinces are Pray for the victims.also the goverment is try best to tow and assist by verious actions. Even some of friends from other country are sent condolences. at this monment , we can feel the big love from motherland and the world.

What touch me much is one of my client from USA , Who sent me a message in skype :

“Hi Linda, I saw in the news this weekend about the terrible landslides in Shenzhen and it made me think of you!  I hope you and all of your friends and associates are well and safe.”
When i saw this message , i am feel very grateful . This client always order UL listed led strip 3528 led strip light and led strip connectors , power supply from us .  as picture are the installation he sent me by useing our led strip :
1 600x460 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide
We have some time not chat on skype because he out off business , we always happy to chat each other’s hobby , around news , delicious food on online. we have treat each as not only a good business partner , but a good friend.
Here i am grateful to have such a good friend , and let’s pray for the shenzhen victims, hope everything will be ok for them.