As we know, the Flexible led strip composed by a Led chip, led PCB, wire connector, silicone tube, and the last but not the least is a 3M sticker. The 3M sticker has a different quality, There are 3M 9495LSE stickers,  3M VHB, 3M 300MP. they are indifferent stickiness.

Some clients meet a problem when installing the flexible led strip light. when they want to install the flexible led strip light under the cabinet of the kitchen, it always can’t fasten for a long time, and will fall down easily . then what we can do? how about have a try the gelatin sponge on the back of flexible led strip light?

Also the most important is before you install the led strip, you must make the place where you will put the strip clear, clear all the sundries and oil stain .it is a good precondition.

One of our client from Canada also meet the same problem, so we suggest the use gelatin sponge on the back of the led strip light, after he installs the lights, he was very happy, satisfied and think highly of our quality of led strip light and the strong stickiness of this glue sticker. as below is the real picture he shared:

newhome51 450x600 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

If you are facing the same problem when fasten 3M sticker led strip light on the wall or on that surface is not easy to stick, please feel free to contact us, we will give you the best solution.