Happy Halloween, veryone !

As we all know , Halloween Night is a tranditional festival in western country .It is on the date of 30th Oct every year.

During the halloween , people will dress in spookiest, the representative is cover a cloth make 2 big eyelet on it , like this :

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The most famous signal for Halloween is the pumpkin that cover with a funny face. like above picture ,people espcially the children,will  dress like a witch, elves carry the pumpkin lanterns to knock everyone’s house and ask for sweets and cookies, they will yell :Trick or Treat! then the house owner who also dress in Terrorist clothing open the order, will generouly give children many sweet and cookies. the house also make a terrible voice and use the smoking to creat the awful atmosthere. The funny is the Children will get many big bag sweets and cookies, then carry all them back home.

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The activity of halloween except the “trick or treat ”,also have another funny activity called bobbing for apples, it is a game that people use mouth to lifting the apple, which float on the water.

They are also various games , such as the stroy about ghost, watch horror movie, both children and adult are feel exciting and funny.

Tody over here , wish everyone Happy Halloween!!!