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All of us know the RGB led strip light can be controller by IR or RF RGB remote controller, but do you know the music controller for RGB led strip light? when the music comes, the led strip will change color or speed with the music, now I would like to introduce this controller for you :

ir music controller - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

20 key infrared Music LED controller adopts the advanced micro control unit. It is used for controlling a variety of LED lamps. For instance, point-source light, flexible strip light, wall washer light, glass curtain wall light, and so on, it has many advantages such as low cost, convenient connection, and ease of use. Meanwhile, you could adjust brightness, static colors, and color-changing effects via infrared remote control, when it is in sound control-mode, the colors will change with the music rhythm.

About how to use it, what information we need to notice?
1. Connect the load lines and power lines, make sure all connection correct before power switched on.
2. Ensure there is no obstacle between the IR controller and the receiver when operating.
3. This product should not be used in outdoor and any other humid environment. Not allowed to touch water or any liquid. No impacting and knocking. Should be not used in high temperature and high-pressure environment to avoid the product damaged, and cause short-circuit. Fire disaster and electric shock etc.
4. The manufacturers will not be responsible for product damage, property damage, personal injury, and any other losses which are caused by improper use.

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