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High Voltage Led Strip Light With 3 Years Warranty

By: DeRun   Views:7130   Date: 01/29-2016

We all know that we need to keep children away from high voltage led strip light when we install it. as it is kind of dangerous at high voltage. The high volt led strip light has much more advantage over low volt led strip light when it comes to long-length installation. 50m or 100m per roll has undoubtedly save much time and energy for customers to connect long-length led strip . but it has disadvantage on some parts as well. Not as stable as 12v or 24v led strip, for example and diodes burned off occasionally neither.


That is the reason why customer think twice before buying the high volt led strip light . but all the orders was made according to the practical situation to meet the project need, I mean. As there are many tips when we install the led strip light, many people don’t know how to install them in very technical way. So we also shoot the video about how to install them for our customers need. If you have the same problem on our product , check the video on our website pls or consult our sales further.

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