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The Max Length Of Led Strip 12v We Can Make

By: DeRun   Views:6704   Date: 03/17-2016

Recently , we received many requiry about making 100meter one roll or 50meter one roll 12v led strip light , many clients feel confused about the length of 12v led strip light and 220v led strip light .

Now i would like to tell everyone , normal , for 12v led strip light we make it in 5meter long one roll , for IP20 , we can make max 100meter or 50meter for buyers , but the buyers need to cut the long strip into pcs , small meters when he need to use or install the strip . please don’t worry , it will spend big room when package, it also can Volume in the reel, like this :

50meter one roll


For IP65 Waterproof led strip light , since it will make silicone covering on the strip , so the max length we can make is 10meter , because is length is too long , it is difficult for workers to make silicone on.

ip65 led strip light  (19)

For IP67 , it is the same as IP65 , Because need to make tube on the strip ,so the max is 10meter one roll to make is better.

IP67 led strip light  (2)

For IP68 Flexible led strip light , we need to make glue filled in , it will cause big intensity of pressure. so the max length would be 7meter one roll is the best , if longer , it will make the strip blow out because of intensity of pressure.


So now , everyone clearly ?

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