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Connection Way Of Rgbw Led Amplifier

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In last artical , i share the base specification of  RGBW led amplifier . today , let’s check the details:

Fristly , from the  External Dimension, we can see the rgbw led amplifier as below :

External Dimension

Then let’s see the  Interface instruction:

interface instruction

what’s the number 1-6 stand for in the signal control port ?
○1 : Common anode public pole
○2 : R channel input signal cathode
○3 : G channel input signal cathode
○4 : B channel input signal cathode
○5 : W channel input signal cathode
○6 : Common anode public pole


As below picture is the Power and load output port:

output port

○7 : Load output common anode public pole
○8 :W channel load output cathode
○9 :B channel load output cathode
○10 :G channel load output cathode
○11 : R channel load output cathode
○12 : Load output common anode public pole
○13 : Power supply input voltage anode
○14 : Power supply input voltage cathode

When we want use rgbw  controller the long length rgbw led strip light at the same time ,we must need this rgbw amplifier to connect like this :



For more information of led strip light connection with 1 led controller and led amplifier , pelase feel free to send us your inquiry.