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Derun Website Updated: LED Manuals

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It is Linda again . there are only 2 days before having holiday , so today , i am go on to talk something about our website updates . Yesterday , we are talking about that part of Clients’ project. So now let’s move on to another part : led Manuals.

In this part , we will show everyone the specification sheet in PDF of led products. Such as the flexible led strip light and led controller .we will insert the manual to each products . for example. when you are scaning the page of : “5050 144W 12V 600 Diodes 16.4ft Roll IP68 Silicon Filled Waterproof Led Strip Light “, you will see the manuals of this model ,manuals


The reason why we put specification sheet to our main product is that we would like to show clients a awareness : We are the professor for flexible led strip . When client who is a newer , he can learn more about our product from the specification.  When client who is a regular , he will creat more projects when he know well our products . we are trying to be better and better . We think it is also a good idea to increase the trust between clients and us.

If you have more suggestions about the our website and product , welcome to send us email , we will highly appreciated for your kindly suggestion 🙂