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How To Choose The Led Connectors

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Welcome back work , hope everyone had a good holiday .

How to choose led connector for led strip light . now let’s learn something about this .

As we know ,the led strip light has 3528 and 5050 model , they has 8mm width pcb and 10mm width pcb , so when choose the connector , the width must be fit well.

Normal when we production the led strip light , we will make DC connector in female type at the end of strip , so that it can connected with the led power supply dc male end connector . just as below picture show:


We also supply many kinds of led connector for led strip light. when you cut the led strip light , and want to connect 2 pcs cutted led strip together , you can use this connector :


Above picture of led connector are for single color led strip light , if RGB led strip light, you can use the one like this :


If you just want to cut the led strip and connected a small length is ok , you can use one end connector is ok .

single-color-(4) rgb-connector-(11)

If you want to connect more than 2 pcs led strip , you can use the split connector like this :

dc-connector-(5) DSC00483 DSC00486


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