UL certification in the United States are non-mandatory certification, product safety testing and certification, their scope of accreditation does not bear the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics. Following a brief introduction of LED lighting products related to UL8750, UL1310 and UL60950.

UL8750 suitable for the installation in the minimum security requirements of the rated 600V branch or less non-hazardous location LED light source element is equally applicable to the isolation (without a valid connection) power LED light source connected to batteries, fuel cells and other minimum security requirements; UL1310 suitable for containing the input voltage of 120 or 240Vac voltage by software or directly into the connection 15 or 20A AC branch circuit or potentially less than 150V grounded insulation transformers and rectifiers and other components can be incorporated into the AC or DC energy , is expected to be used to provide energy to the low-voltage electricity operation Class2 power supply; UL60950 apply to information technology (referred to as IT) equipment safety standards, including mobile phones, computers and peripheral equipment, such as projectors, printers, and so on, including output with LPS (restricted power supply of the safety circuit of the power supply);

UL certification of LED lighting products, power supply certification test can be used to UL1310 or UL60950. The main difference in the two standards are as follows:

1, UL1310 CLASSII (limited voltage and capacity of the power supply) power equipment safety standards UL1310 certified power power CLASSII, to use CLASSII power to do cUL (Canada market) LED lighting certification, may waive the relevant safety tests; UL60950 information technology (IT) equipment safety standards, its application scope of certification to UL1310, cUL (Canada market certification) using UL60950 certified power LED lighting certification can not be exempted from the relevant safety tests ;

2, UL1310 standard specifies the output voltage of the power supply maximum output voltage (no load) exposed contact voltage peak load conditions 42.4V, when the device does not contain automatic maximum output volt-ampere output circuit disconnect device more than 100 VA; the UL60950 the define the output voltage under normal conditions, the voltage between the protective ground terminal of the voltage between any two can be touched parts of circuits, or any accessible circuit parts and Class I devices, do not exceed 42.4V peak AC or 60V DC value;

3, UL1310 certification only calibration the grid voltage CLASSII power supply for 120 or 240Vac, UL60950 applicable to the rated input voltage does not exceed the a 600Vac information technology products, For drive power 277V voltage system UL certified LED lighting products, only reference the UL60950 standard certification test.