Self-balancing personal vehicle is the most popular product in 2015, which is known to us all .but after several explosive accidences caused during transportation due to the high capacity battery, the official government have been much more strict on the import of this kind of product from China. Many suppliers were forced to remove all products off its shelf since then.


From my point of view, the shipping issue does need to be taken into consideration when it comes to this kind of personal product with high capacity battery. We need to choose the very special way to carry them. that is why many customers think twice before making the order. On the other hand, generally speaking ,the hotter product they are , the shorter duration they last.
Because self-balancing vehicle is just a spur of the moment among young people.


On the contrary, the led strip light last for a long time and become more and more popular. Because this kind of energy saving product is of great importance in this society where people in worldwide is advocating energy conservation, emission reducing, green building, low carbon.
The led strip light ,as a green energy-saving perfect product, has become a trend in 21st century.