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Loving Rice Restaurant Lighting

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Last Saturday,I went to a restaurant named Loving Rice with my lovely colleages . it is a Hunan Taste Restaurant , all is spicy food , we had a wonderful lunch there , what delicious food we had are as below:


Do you want to join us ?haha.come what.

in fact , the most impressive me is not only the food , but also the decoration of this restaurant.

They are many beautiful decorative potted beside the door , Which make everyone who come in a pretty mood.

decoration 3 decoration 1  decoration

We also note there are install blue led strip light and warm white led strip light at the floor edge, glass window and ceilling .The warm white led strip light on the glass window, which make the restaurant looks warm and romantic.

And what amzing is the Christmas theme in the restaurant. there are many Santa Claus, Christmas hats, Christmas stockings and bell paint on the wood wall . Which combine with the warm white and blue color led strip light, make the restaurant full fill christmas atmosphere .

爱上饭 爱上饭1

Do you wanna to join us or  have a good time at such a restaurant

Don’t Hesitated, come on , you will like it .