Hello everyone , it is Linda again from Derun lighting company.

In our last sharing the date of 21Th March , we are talking about the UV Led strip light for printer . And Analyzed the working principle of UV led strip to Printer . So we know that the wavelength of uv led light is very important to curing the ink of printer. the 395-400nm wavelength is the one of wavelength we offered.

So now let’s learning the advantage of using UV light :

1. it can curing the ink in a short time .

2. Not produce the ozone, no need to equipped with exhaust pipes, it is eco-friendly.

3.Accessory equipment small and compact.

4. Long lifespan of UV Led strip light, it is 5000hours, It is 10times than the tradition UV light .

It can instantly lit up or put out, without preheating, just need to turn on the uv light when printing , so it is low power consumption, very economy.

5.UV Led strip Light less hot , can avoid non-heat resistance material shape change , and make the the surface of material damage . it also not produce static electricity, have a good effect for printing .

If you are also need UV lights for printer , please feel free to contact us , we will provide you high quality uv led strip as uv light , which will greatly improving the printer work efficiency.1 600x427 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide